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I recently spoke to an accountant about tax problems.  He pointed out that there are certain statutes of limitations as to tax disputes with the IRS, and that due to these statutes of limitations many accountants advise people to keep their financial records for at least seven years.


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You be the judge. Here’s a real-life case that was decided by one of the California Courts of Appeal.

A daughter inherited a property from her mother.  Her mother lived in the property for over forty years. Before inheriting the property, the daughter had the property inspected by a...

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So when is a deal not a deal?  The answer is, it depends.

Sometimes it seems like half of the law is tying down loose ends.  And sometimes it seems like the other half consists of getting written commitments so people don’t change their minds.

Here’s a good example.

A Seller...

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Be careful what you wish for.

There’s a lot of pent up frustration these days in the housing market.  It’s clear that all kinds of people are frustrated – buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, real estate agents, and others.  It’s just a difficult time (for many reasons).


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You just never know.           

Sometimes a loan is not repaid.  The large majority of foreclosures undoubtedly happen because a loan was not repaid.  But what happens when a loan is in fact repaid, but the lender claims it wasn’t?


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So what can five dollars get you?

At the right fast food place, it can get you a cheeseburger, fries, and maybe a drink.

It can get you just over a gallon of gas.

It can get you several candy bars.

It can get you a fantastic bowl of ice cream at several Bay Area high-...

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On Easter a lot of colored Easter eggs will show up in homes all across the country.  And a lot of sugar and chocolate Easter candy will show up as well.

Who delivers all of those eggs, and all of that Easter candy?  Opinions vary.  My youngest daughter did volunteer work in Sweden.  She...

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