The Law Office of Robert B. Jacobs

Construction Law

Construction can be a complex process. Whether its getting an optimal design, preparing construction contracts, obtaining the necessary permits, working with subcontractors, or dealing with suppliers, sequencing the several trades, or dealing with constr there are many logistical considerations involved in a successful construction project. A skillfully drafted construction contract can help resolve things when problems appear. A skillful litigation attorney can help resolve more serious problems that aren’t likely to be resolved informally.

Pressures involved limited resources (like time and money) can add to the complexity involved in a construction process. A successful builder or contractor pays careful attention to many logistical details, and if a builder loses track of these items or becomes overwhelmed, problems can quickly arise.

Legal counsel can help things run smoothly, both by negotiating and preparing the necessary contract documentation before construction begins, and then by addressing imperfect or defective construction after the job is underway. Prudent owners and contractors don’t wait until a problem develops - they seek legal counsel quickly so that the necessary issues can be addressed quickly before they grow into larger problems.

The Law Office of Robert B. Jacobs has handled all areas of construction disputes - from preparation of construction contracts before construction begins, to filing suit for foreclosure of mechanic’s liens. Robert B. Jacobs has worked with general and subcontractors on many of the common issues involved in the construction process - issues with progress payments, construction sequencing, imperfect work by subcontractors, disputes concerning change orders, retentions, allowances, punchlists, refusals to pay, expungement of liens and related issues.